We are currently in Prelaunch!

Are you a natural hair vlogger focusing on afro texture hair, especially Type 4C?

Do you have at least 10 natural hair videos uploaded to your own account on YouTube?

Then please create a free account and add your videos to this website!


This website is designed to be a one-stop destination for all fans of afro-textured natural hair. There are a number of features which are specifically designed to make life easier for vloggers. These include:

  • Add your videos to the website.  Available now!  (During Prelaunch)
    This is free, and you can add as many videos as you wish. We recommend that you start with 10 videos, to give us a chance to verify your YouTube account.  After that, you may add as many videos as you wish from that YouTube account.
  • Add your own adverts to each of your videos.  This is  also free, and also available now!
  • Revenue Share from 3rd-party adverts (Coming soon!)
  • CrowdFunding (Coming upon official site launch, date to be confirmed)

Make a start

To start, please create a free account to add your YouTube videos to the website, then login. Please only add videos from your own YouTube account.

For each video you upload you can choose to add your own advert, leave blank for 3rd-party adverts, or leave without an advert for now. Please only add videos that are specifically related to natural afro hair. However, if adding your own advert, you may advertise any product that may be of interest to people who like natural hair videos, eg make-up or skincare products, merchandise – or food!

Once you have 10 videos added, we will contact you on YouTube via your YouTube user name to confirm that it is really you! Your videos will not be visible until we have confirmed this.

Once we have confirmed that it is really you, then we will add you to the list of “all vloggers“, and you can nominate yourself for crowdfunding! 

If you prefer not to set up crowdfunding, you can just continue adding your videos, and set up a crowdfunding campaign at some later point if you wish. Crowdfunding will go live at site launch.


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